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World Drag Day celebrated with a Bang in Hyderabad

Updated: May 19, 2020

Hyderabad has celebrated "International Drag Day" with Bang, More than 15 artist came together from different art forms bringing drag aspects from Poetry, Music ,Cosplay ,Magic, dance, performance art, comedy, parody , Mimicry and Live Art together. the event took place at Nirvana Cafe, Jubliee Hills on 13th of July (Sunday) in collaboration with Hyderabad Drag Club and Mobbera Foundation.

the Performance started with Sourav Basava presenting Drag in dance where he performed for Gender Swap songs followed by Cosplay presentation by Vidya who cross played Tenth Doctor, followed by Magic performance by Myun and Live Art by Sahithi Kalyanam Poetry by Sravya and a heart warming theater performance by Sajiv Chowdary on transgender lives which made the crowed move into tears. followed nautch performance  by Dinesh and music by Sumanth Peter and mimicry by Sandipan. then followed the drag performances by Patruni Sastry who took the drag form as Mohini D'vi who presented Retro Numbers to the audience and Anil Kohli as Nutty Savitry who made the house burst with laughter with steering roasts. additionally performers include singing by Aniket , Vougeing by Javed and was coordinated by Sravya Kotalanka .

the event saw a footfall of more than 200 people where everyone was mesmerized with the idea of Drag into every art form.

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