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The Art of Drag for a Business World

An image can create a 1000 words, similarly a performance can reflect a million emotions.As the boom of globalization hits the growth its a high time to think of alternative approaches for including performance art and business development into one space, and hence Drag becomes a great weapon for corporate to promote equality and inclusion. Lets ask ourselves a question Why Is the stigma? specially in cities where many multinational companies, Hotelier businesses and Fashion Industry boasting incivility of LGBT people but still beholds phobia towards trans, intersex and gender non-confirming people quite often. Strict policy rules of what to wear at work place is also something which a gender fluid person cannot fit into. But imagine , you walk into business training and see a drag queen giving being the presenter and that image makes a different. there is a requirement of seeing performance of gender to sensitize gender at workplace. In order to bring in change we need to employ drag artist and use them as mascots for spreading awareness and inclusions within a corporate setting would help blur boarder in firms and equivalent help us in creating more awareness platforms.

So here is are few ways how Drag queens can help you thrive your business

Drag is a performance art where the person would dress up in an exaggerated form of any gender. Being a visual art drag can help us make statements of freedom and being oneself. when a drag person talks about gender and sexuality and tried to create an artistic effort to pass on the message to the employees of a firm , they are actually performing what is rather written on a slide. this brings a mix of art and business and gives a visual form to articulate your support for cause of inclusion.

Drag queens are a great story tellers, they can bring story telling aspects for any boring conversation. they use of Witt and class makes there approach to a subject unique and ensured the audience to never every loose grip on the topic.

Drag art questions the standards of gender and hence making drag a part of business meetings and boardrooms would make the gender blur and also helps to make a statement on "leave your gender stigma near the doorstep".

Drag performers are multi-disciplinary entertainers and a power house of performers. Hosting drag performances in Clubs, Parties, Hotels and other public place can be a best package of dance ,music ,comedy and performance. it can be an wonderful alternative for a live music or stand up comedy and bring in a new dimension to the ray of art.

Drag performance can reflect great social causes with both visual as well as performances. A drag performer can present crucial topics such as safe sex, sexual education and easily traced audience to develop an awareness and openness to talk about it in public without any stigma.

So lets welcome the art of drag to flourish hand in hand with business and use drag performers as a Mascot for your Inclusion Policies.

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