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"Rambha Hoe" An Evening to celebrate with the Queens of Drag

The tunes of Usha Utup which rocked the our minds is create a new buzz not, But not just like a song rather a high voltage drag event "Rambha Hoe" hosted by Maya also known as Mayamma in Indian drag scene. For the community of Indian drag she is not a new name, rather the one who started this drag shenanigan. Mayamma has been thriving the drag culture in India for six years long, with recently completing her Drag Anniversary !! and time and again stirring the culture of drag in multiple ways. Her newest venture is a digital drag show where she is prepping to make the audience dance to some Bollywood beats. Dragvanti has a wonderful opportunity to connect with her to get some "T",

Tell us about your idea of how Rambha Hoe, and how came into picture? Well. Few of us were missing out on performing together. We thought it is best that we come together and celebrate the one thing we all love - Bollywood. Plus our love for the legend - Usha Uthup. You are killing it with wonderful drag collaboration with multiple drag artist time and again recent one with Kamani and Lady Bushra , tell us what is that one thing you feel drag queens should have ? I feel that Indian drag queens should carve up their own niche and not follow the cookie cutter system of Rupaul s Drag Race. Yes. I am a fan of RPDR too. However, India is a diverse country and we have different cultures out here. It would be great to see representation.

What is this upcoming event all about ? Celebration of Bollywood!

How can people watch this performance? The performance will be aired on Dice Platform on 12th Sept 2020 from 9:30pm to 10pm. How has pandemic effecting drag artists in India? Honestly, we all are struggling. Yet, we are hustling in whatever capacity we have offered with. There has been an influx of online drag shows and that's bright side. We will get through this together.

How many drag artist are a part of it and what was their choice criteria? 5 for now. Betta Naan Stop, Lush Monsoon, Lady Bai and Whacker Cracker.

Betta Naan Stop:She is a dancing and lip-syncing queen. She has been doing drag for 3 years now. Her inspiration comes from women in the entertainment industry; Right from a big shot actress to a female model just standing with full poise in a car show. A Vegas showgirl, to a girl holding the board with the scores during a fight match. A Broadway musical lead, to the dancer who has no lines in the show.

Lady Bai: Lady Bai has been doing drag for 3 years now and is a dancing queen and sometimes a hosting a queen and sometimes a looks and bearded queen. Art and painting is what inspired her to do drag. Anything over the top/artistic, that’s what grabs her attention. So that includes, big hips, long legs, glittery costumes, yummy hair etc. She might like over the top but she likes to keep things small and simple. She personally looks up to all the local drag queens who are striving so hard to keep the art alive.

Lush Moonsoon :She is a theatrical, lip-syncing queen who doesn’t hesitate to serve high concept looks. Lush is also a human rights lawyer and has been performing drag for three years now. On stage, she creates a story through her joy filled and sometimes-emotional performances. Her performances aim to be a mirror for the society and to spread the message of acceptance, self-love, and body positivity, among others. RuPaul’s Drag Race helped her embrace her femininity and get into drag. She looks up to anyone who lives their true authentic selves.

Whacker Cracker : She is a dancing queen and has been doing it for a year now.  She is a professional dancer and didn’t know about drag until 2 years ago when she saw a drag queen perform. That’s when she decided that she should use her dancing abilities to up her drag game and started off last year.

It's just a first show. As the focus was Bollywood, we have chosen queens who performed many Bollywood numbers till date. Will be inviting more drag queens and drag kings in the future.

What are you looking up for the Upcoming events and collaborations? Just to have fun and provide exciting content to the audience. We all need that at these tough times

Any message you would like to share with your viewers? Let's spread love, positive and embrace each other in these tough times.

Click on the below link for RSVP

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