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Lets talk about sex , Through Drag !

Updated: May 19, 2020

Hyderabad has its one of the evenings where different adults from diverse background sat together to openly talk about sex. Yes, you heard it correct. On Sunday evening as a part of an event titled “Sane Sex” curated by Hyderabad Drag Club which commenced in Nirvana Kitchen in 100 Feet road, Youngsters from different background participated and shared there good, bad and scary experiences of sex. The event started with a Drag performance by Hyderabad’s Drag queen S.A.S aka Patruni Sastry post which Patruni broke out to talk about sex. the conversation addressed range of topics from Safe sex, Fetish, Sexuality, awareness of Chem sex and High fun etc. there were questions around different kinds of sexuality followed by experiences. The conversation started with sharing laughter’s, giggles and seamlessly conveyed the topic of the hour “SEX”.

Followed by the Preliminary talk, the evening was given away to the audience to speak up and share their anecdotes. One of the audiences spoke about their experience with “Polyomous Relationship” and how it’s important to create awareness on these grounds within the society and also clearing the myths that a polyoumous may be equally applied to both heterosexual as well as Homosexual relationships.  Another participant shared their anecdote on being a Gay and how the part of sex takes place within a homosexual relationship. A woman also shared her anecdote on asking for consent within the partners even when they are committed, married or just being together. The crowed also engaged on a brief discussion of BDSM and fetish. In the country where sexual education is still a decade away to reach to schools and colleges., People practicing Fetish play find it really hard and difficult find companions who would be interested in sharing consensual relation.

The event ended with a couple of dance performances by Belly dancer Sravan telu and Drag performers Sunny and Karan from Mobbera Foundation. Bhagi Sravani the owner of Nirvana Kitchen closed the evening with a welcome note to all the Artists, activist and curators to her new developing space and affirming that Nirvana will be a safe space for everyone.

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