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How to Not Ghost a Drag Artist

Ghosting a drag artist is a common practice in indian event spaces. Usually event organizers reach out to drag artists for a performance and when drag artist put their quote of how much they charge for a performance, the organizes say they would reach out back and then there is a dead silence.

This usually happens because of the intent they expect that drag queens perform for free or they aren't worth of quoting such a high price. A drag performer puts a tons of effort to look and present their art and expecting it for free is both insulting and ghosting them is unprofessional.

There has been many instances in indian drag spaces where performers were approched by brands, music videographers, fashion brands, communities, ad agencies and nightlife curators organizers to work /collaborate with them but immediately turn irresposive when asked for their share of money.

How to make this process smoother,

1. Always ask for Rate cards of Drag artists, and align your budget accordingly, if your budget doest match a drag performers basic price, then simply don't image them with your project.

2. When you ask for a quote, respond back by saying why it doest fit, you may be honest with if it's out of budget, out of range and see if you can negotiate in a mid way. Again, don't force the drag artist, just have a conversation.

3. Not all drag artist do drag for activism, and even if someone does ensure to get their art forefront.

4. If you want a drag artist for Pro Bono, highlight why they need to be in your project, what is the impact it would create for them or for the queer community and how will it benifit overall. Let them make the decision.

5. Always inform the artist the progress of the project. Don't just cut their call off or leave them in mids cause all drag calendars are booked and we don't like to hang in between, cause we don't like Hangers.

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