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DragGotharam ! An event where drag mixed with Goth !

Updated: May 19, 2020

On the even of Halloween, Gothics of Hyderabad assembled all together at one roof. Nritya forum for performing arts Gachibowli became a hub to embrace darkness with art. An amalgamation of DARK Drag, and Dark comedy come together to give a laughter blot to the audience.  Hyderabad drag club organized this event called as “DRAGOTHARAM” to give an experience of goth culture in drag and comedy. As people accumulated to celebrate goth, starting from the kids to younger and older all came dressed up for the event. Some in rare costumes and some in comfortable cloths. The event started with a DRAG Performance by Mohini D ’vi. the performance started with a dance number. Mohini dresses in thematic Black and White started with a Mask to give a tranimal look. in the interne of the performance the drag saw lip-syncs and interactive performance by audience. As a statement of art Mohini deliberately dwelled performance art into drag. Performing on song called “Extraterrestrial” Mohini importantly bought the perseverance of drag as an art to be extra then any other art form.

Followed the evening was an ocean of Laughter by Team of Improve Comedy Hyderabad club. The team lead by Jayashree Raj who bought the flavor of Improve comedy. Firstly, playing an improve story telling process by involving the audience Jayashree bombarded the crowd with glitters and high laugh. Then the trained team of Improve comedy stepped in bringing dark Humor into picture. Though often sticking to the clean comedy, however as to compliment sensuality of drag performance the team explored brought an elegant yet surreal jokes on traffic, work, partnership and so on. The audience has a complete half an hour of laughter while actively participating in the interactive improve comedy.

Speaking About the event , Patruni said “this was an attempt to celebrate goth or darkness as a theme of the event, this event is for a small group intimate crowd who come together and have a great time” talking about the current situation of Drag in the city Patruni added that “drag is still developing, while its taking a huge time in education people about drag we are also fighting with the DRAGPHOBIA within the Cultural spaces when trying to curate events” Adding to that he concluded “It’s really feels proud and nice to see Nritya forum for Performing arts , A home for my artistic presentations giving us an open door for all kinds of art form and encouraging artists to keep bringing their art Identity ” . the event concluded with a song by Mohini. It was one of such events in Hyderabad where Drag and comedy was celebrated with open heart.

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