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Baatein with Bhenji ft. Nasty Bitch

"Do not take yourself to much serious
Be a ruling bitch" - Nasty Bitch.


1. What does "Drag" mean to you personally?

Drag is an artform which presents your persona in feminine and artistic way to represent your art without any teamwork that prospect your character

2. When did you start doing drag?

When I was in my junior college I did drag for the first time and showcased my talent to the audience. It was a fashion walk.

3. How did you start doing drag?

When I was 15/16, I used to watch international queens perform on youtube. So I used to wear makeup, padding and perform in my room in front of the mirror. Just for my own satisfaction.

4. When was the first time you performed in drag?

I participated in a drag completion organized by the Humsafara Trust at Gulabi mela. I also won the title. From then I started performing at Kitty Su, The lalit hotel. I am extremely thankful to Keshav Suri for creating a space for the queer people.

5. How would you describe your drag style?

Growing up, I was obsessed with the curvy body I was gifted with. My drag style resonates with that where I represent my feminine self of such women.

6. Criticisms can either make you or break you. What were some critics you got when you started?

I feel criticism is part of life where we constantly learn to grow. It can have positive or negative impact on an individual. It’s upto the person to deal with the critics. As far as I’m concerned, I was told I look like an international diva. Honestly, I don’t remember any negative critics because it doesn’t bother me as I’ve my own self to work upon.

7. "Relevance of drag in India." What do you think?

Honestly myself hoping something relevant to happen in coming days because as far as current scenario everyone is doing way good but I feel we have to support upcoming artist not by their persona, Age but by their talents. And if they don't know what is drag but they are willing to do so teach them instead of breaking points.

8. What was the initial reaction of your family and friends when you told them about you as a drag performer?

My friends found kinda creative in start but now they are literally fan of drag art. And my family reacted same way but making them understand what actually drag is all about was kinda twisted for me.

9. "Drag is political." Do you agree? Present your thoughts on the same.

Yes ofcourse . And people who plays this politics are our own community members who don't know D of drag but their good politician. God bless them.

10. Do you feel drag needs to be inclusive? Why or why not?

As far as I know inclusivity is something that's means limitations or fixing anything that is relevant to fixed bookings

And as an artist I don't want any inclusive substantial to take part into my Art

But if an artist is comfortable with their payment and where they performing

So thumbs up at the end it's their own choice to grow!

11. Do you believe drag culture is compromised?

Yes it is but the reason behind is not any stratigical object for anyone

Mostly if you will see in india 99.5% don't know what's actually drag is all about

So awareness relating drag is still lacking

Common People still have an obstacle predicting a drag artist in negative way

12. What are your thoughts on "Drag patronizing"?

Drag patronizing is common ya

For some artist it will help out nd for some it may not

So just play individually and Attention your own opinions

13. Were you ill treated/abused because you perform in drag? Please share your experience if comfortable.

Not yet

14. What is your vision through the art of drag?

To express who I'm in creative way that can make people get into gagging moment

15. A message you'd like to give to young aspiring drag artists.

Message is quite long but still I would love to cover something which is extremely important for upcoming drag Artist

1) Please do not make your art depending on anyone it can be related to anything makeup , outfit creativity , performance , payment and shows etc etc

Every drag artist should know how to do their top to toe transformation with their own hands without any team work

2) Do not take yourself to much serious

Be a ruling bitch

3) Present your own style that implies your connection towards your Artistic soul

instead of immitating other's

4) BS ( bullshit) is very common not only in our community but everywhere

so just polish your own Art and Grow

5) believe in you

if I can you can do.

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About author : Miss Bhenji is an Indian aesthetic drag queen. She's a dancer, actor and a comedian. She's based out of Nagpur and her interview talk show is called Baatein with Bhenji. Baatein with Bhenji was an initiative taken by Miss Bhenji to interview the queer artists of India to give them exposure for people to learn more about them.

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