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Jagdish Kumar A.K.A Flying Diva

Non Binary

My name is Jagdish Kumar A.K.A Flying Diva, I was always fascinated by make up, beauty products and fashion. I always wanted to dress up as a female and slay around the city. But sadly peer pressure didn’t allow me! But then one day I decided to break the barriers and be who I like to be.
Priyanka Chopra was always my inspiration; her journey gave me strength and made me strong from within. It taught me you can be who you want to be by just following your dreams.
In drag world Rani Kohinoor & Bijuriya inspired me the most with their Indian rooted drag with bollywood inspo.
It was here that I realized that I wanted to pursue drag performances and become a drag artists.
I believe that being an artist is something that one is born to do and not learned at school, I went on to study drag through practical experience, learning through trial and error and self learning studying the works.It was here that I furthered expanded on my drag skills in Color Positive’s Drag Competition , where now I hold the Crown & Title of Drag Queen India 2021.

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