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Empress Xara

Addy/Your Highness

Adam Pasha aka Empress Xara is a Bengaluru based LGBTQIA community member who has been the prime example of his community members. He is Karnataka's first Drag Queen. Started her career in 2007 and was the top 5 Indian Super Queen, but the winner of the international super queen title, being the only Indian to ever win the title till date.

they Went to a drag school in Bangkok and studied Pageant drag. Adam is the only Indian Drag Queen to feature on the cover of cosmopolition magazine - Bangkok. He was the title winner of Super Indian Pageant Queen event, which turned into the most beautiful moment of life, held in 2009.

In 2010, they became the first ever Indian to be crowned as the winner of International Super Queen at an event in Thailand. The motto of this mission is to motivate people from LGBTQIA and transgender community around the globe as they face various discriminations in their society. It helps to upbrings the social rights and equality of the LGBTQIA community people.

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