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South Asian Drag Artists Blurring Boundaries to Raise Awareness on Brown Drag

It all started when multiple countries closing their boarders to each other, when countries endorsed the “Nationality” campaign, when people closed their doors to their neighbors. Drag opened to bring people together blurring boundaries of the world. Drag being most celebrated art around the world with diverse art practices, strong voices and unique cultures, but over the time the way people looked at drag became predominantly into one section of a certain class. Brown drag artists have always been kept in edge when compared to opportunities and spaces due to cultural and social diaspora within these countries. A recent article published by a leading micro reading site listed around 100 drag performers one must follow out of which not even a single drag artist came from the south Asian region. Does that mean South Asian drag artist lack the skillset?? Not. It’s just the diaspora which makes them away from such compilation list. In order to call out this stigma and discrimination attached to South Asian Drag artist, Asifa Lahore, UK’s first out Muslim drag artist came up with an idea to galvanize south Asian drag performers together and create a huge collage video to strike an idea of the diversity of South Asian drag scene.

Soon the messages rang across the world from Canada, India, USA, Philippines and across the world bringing more than a dozen artists to create a video collage. The idea was to include more than 30 drag performers from vivid styles including Drag Queens, Drag Kings, Androgynous queens, Androgynous Kings, Non-binary Drag, Tranimal Drag and Cultural drag. Eminent Drag performers across the globe such as Humzer, Bijuriya, Laila Gulabi, Minara el waters, Karma Sutra, Masala sapphire, Rotiboi, Sachit, Seemaa Butt, Kamani Sutra, Bon Abhijeet, Jawan Chokra, That Caribbeangirl 25, Currytingz, Lucky Roy Singh , Prophet drag, Chutney Chataranga, Cratolathequeen and Legendrary NB were a part of this collaborational video.

Indian drag performers have also been a part of this wonderful campaign. Including Celebrated drag queen Miss Bhenji aka Nilay Joshi, Drag Barbie Tyrandrama, Madamoiselle, Tranimal Drag performer Patruni Sastry aka S.A.S and Bio Queen Samyukta Bharadwaj aka Neon were the ones who represented from India.

Responding to the collaboration Asifa Lahore  said “Unfortunately, this is a trend prevalent in mainstream drag and LGBT+ communities, be them virtual on social media platforms, or in physical spaces such as bars, clubs and Prides where few or no South Asian drag performers are featured talent, harsh reality facing those from a South Asian background wanting to follow a career in drag To suggest that queens from a South Asian background don’t exist internationally is to be a perpetrator of erasure”

Relating how drag is represented in the west, even in India, drag is seen through a lens of westernization. Though Indian Drag performers constantly thrive to bring regional flavors to drag, they are always been seen from the lenses of Ru queens. questioning their ethical style as a prism of class.  Though India has been making steep progress in creating more and more drag spaces in multiple cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore the county still lacks acceptance to empower Indian drag styles.  

“The idea was to showcase how diverse drag is and bring out the uniqueness of South Asian drag performers and their originality towards the approach of drag, we compiled around 27 artists across the globe to put up a message that South Asian Drag exists across the globe” said Karma Sutra a wonderful drag artist who coordinated in complaining the videos.

The video has been releasing all the major social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Twitter and is making rounds on internet. In the time of a pandemic breaking international dependencies. this video indeed passes a message of International drag-hood and makes a stronger statement that art can indeed bring people together, again and again

You can find the video below

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