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Drag Tales for Kids

Updated: May 19, 2020

Gender sensitization is an essential for today’s world. as we see the intolerance on basis of gender, sexuality and orientation growing high day by day. There is an earnest need to understand how we can tune in our youngsters to be more inclusive and aware. With an Analysis of understanding we see that Majority of people who identity outside the gender binaries are often been mocked, bullied, molested and abused. This start from the very young age by the fellow kids, who doesn’t have any idea about gender. Our education system never gave an opportunity to educate the young kids on gender. And to develop the inclusiveness as a society we need to start from the ground root level. From the schools, and from the Kids.

As a part of counter teaching, performing Drag queen of Hyderabad I (Mohini Dvi aka Patruni Sastry) started an initiative called as “Drag Tales”. An exclusive event for Kids to get them tuned with gender and sexuality. In Drag Tales, Mohini explains the basis of Gender and Sexuality. she educates kids with words like “Male”, “Female” and “Trans” and decode the aspect of Orientation of such as “Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender”. She started with telling stories from Indian Mythology such as Shikandi, the Son of drupada who was given feminity by gandharva. Mohini, the form of lord Vishnu who turned Himself to a woman to save Amrit from the demons. Stories of Brinanala the eunuch form of Arjuna, Chitranga the women who dressed like men, Aravana the demon who married a transgender person etc. with dance.

As the time progressed, Gender bend rhymes were taught to kids and were sung together. Soon, Mohini also educated the kids about Consent with an activity called “Touch me Not” and telling “your body is your own and anyone who need to touch you needs your permission first, without it she is not supposed to touch”. The event ended with a quick dance routine for all the participants where all the kids cheered and had fun. the event was hosted with a collaboration of a Study House Vision Rainbow in Lakdi ka Pool, which has a mission to educate each student with alternative Learning. More than 45 Students with Parents took part in the session and had a fun learning.

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