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About the Conference 

In 2020, Dragvanti was started as a unique platform to bring awareness to Drag traditions and drag culture in India. It’s been a wonder of learning and spreading love and knowledge through drag. Through this journey, we were able to get along with creating an approach of envisioning the artform into new garner of art in India. This year, Dragvanti is hosting one of its kind events. We are hosting a “Indian Drag Conference”, where the idea of is to bring topics of discussion, dialogue and create a knowledgeable event for India. The conference would be a collation of paper presentations by famous drag performers of India covering wide range of intersectional topics ranging from the drag. This is a virtual scheduled one-day event which would be hosting 6 papers, 1 panel discussion and  much more.



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Event Flow

The event would have the following flow


07:00 - 07:10 Convener Note.

07:10 - 07:30 Drag in Classical Arts.

07:30 – 07:45 Bollywood’s influence on Indian Drag by Miss Bhenji.

07:45- 08:00 Drag in Indian folk artforms by Avatari Devi.

08:00- 08:15 Drag as gender performance, a note to performance art by Hiten Noonwal.

08:15- 08:30 Drag Balls and the History of Drag Haus by Jiya LaBejia.

08:30 - 08:45 Globalization of desi Drag by Kweeb Mallika

08:45- 09:00 What is the Future of Indian drag – A panel discussion by Cumsin Haseena, Colonge Doll, Isabelle and Neon Scythe .

09:00 Valedictory and Closure.