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Ashqueen the Indian Barbie Doll of Drag from Nagaland is one of the most celebrated Drag performers on India.

Betta Naan Stop

She/Her in drag and He/Him out of drag

She is a dancing and lip-syncing queen. She has been doing drag for 3 years now. Her inspiration comes from women in the entertainment industry; Right from a big shot actress to a female model just standing with full poise in a car show. A Vegas showgirl, to a girl holding the board with the scores during a fight match. A Broadway musical lead, to the dancer who has no lines in the show.

Cumsin Haseena

She in drag / He out of drag

Cumsin Haseena has been doing drag for almost 3 years now. She started off mostly to break gender stereotypes but because of the love she received, she started performing on stage. You will mostly see her dancing to Madhuri and Sridevi as these 2 people really inspired her to be who she is.

Elizabeth Margaret

he / she

I am Elizabeth Margaret de drag queen. I show the royalness and the highness of the queen from India and other countries I give love entertainment dance and comedy to all

Gentleman Gaga


She is a dancing queen, inspired by Lady Gaga, and serves some killer Gaga like looks in her performances. With faith in her sense of fashion, she has been excelling in this field for almost 5yrs now, and loves how she portrays herself as an artist. Her message to the world is “Spread love, less legs, unless it’s for a dance move.”



I’m a biracial queen Indian & Latina parents ,Originallyborn in brasil, based in Delhi since I was 8yrs old.

My drag inspirations are definitely comes from Latina goddess’s

Kamani sutra

any pronouns with respect

KaMani sutra is a South Asian (teluGAY) gender queer bearded drag artist from Washington DC transcends western drag expectations by their performance repertoire and their aesthetic senses. #telugay

Lush Monsoon

Not fond of pronouns. Prefer to be referred as Ayushmaan/Lush. But if someone is insisting then They/them (out of drag), she/her (in drag)

Meet Lush Monsoon, a drag queen, who in her day job is Ayushman, a 27-year-old housing rights lawyer in Delhi. It wasn't until 2017 that Lush Monsoon understood drag. ... As a child, Lush — aka Ayushman, who is now a housing rights lawyer in Delhi — would dance to pop-music, imitating actor Madhuri Dixit's move.

Miss Bhenji


The QUEEN who represents the aesthetics of Bollywood. She’s funny, quirky and full of surprises. Overly optimistic and full of energy whenever she performs. Her strength is her audience and she’s not here to please but to make a point with a collective collaboration.

Nutty Savitri


Nutty Savitri” performer Anil Kohli who brings the core Telugu independent women image to their drag. Nutty roasts the audience with wit and velour and the audience go bonkers with the laugh bombs thrown by the performer. Anil who is a co-founder of Mobbera says “Nutty Savitri is a telugu born independent women, she loves to roast people and be sassy”.


All Pronouns

Sickk is a genderless art clown, and uses ALL pronouns; depends on how she is feeling. The best way to contact me is through Instagram for now.Sickk currently lives on @kawaiibloggerchan until the infection can be moved to a more specialized location .

Suffocated Art Specimen


Suffocated Art Specimen aka Sas is a drag performer who presents Tranimal style of drag from Hyderabad .'Patruni Chidananda Sastry is a Classical Dancer, Intrapreneur and Customer Service Expert . Patruni started dancing since the age of 7. Patruni Sastry unique style called "Expressionism" is a new way to tell stories of awareness to the society .Patruni Sastry contributes his attribute of dance with many organization like Mobbera Foundation, Mental Health Organization, Good Universe ,Mist ,Namma Pride , Human Library and the Humsafar trust . He has also been part of many dance festivals including Golden Beach Festival, Kalpashree dance festival and so on .Patruni also used his skill to bring in visualization to complex numerical and conceptual subject and processed a new way to represent data.'

Avatari Devi


Avatari is 36-year-old of Saransh Sugandh persona, a Delhibased filmmaker and journalist. Avatari devi is an Indian drag queen where her performances are inspired from the Bihars Launda Naach cultures and Indian Drag. Avatari devi and make any broadway queen a run for money for her wit, humour and theatrical performance.


She in drag / He out of drag

On-stage Bjiuriya is a dazzling thunderbolt of energy and quirkiness. She's half-Indo-Caribbean, half-Québécoise, and she explores her cultural roots by representing the diversity of South Asian female identities. Bijuriya is inspired as much by Bollywood stars than and M.I.A. as she is by classical Indian music, folk traditions and experimental art forms.



Dame Imfala derives her name from her favourite music project Tame Impala (surprise!). She’s Royalty from Imphal, the only contemporary Manipuri drag queen in the club scene. Born a Gemini, Imfala is a versatile and youthful queen. Owing to her background in fashion studies and performing arts, she likes to serve lewks and brings it to the ball every time. Her aesthetic is supremely fashionable and feminine, often fascinating.

Dame Imfala debuted at a gender sensitisation event in 2018 and has moved on to perform at clubs and turned heads at Fashion Weeks. Belonging to a small town in the North Eastern region of India, she continues to fight against racial discrimination/tokenism in the LGBTQ circle with her demure nature and power-packed performances.

Empress Xara

Addy/Your Highness

Adam Pasha aka Empress Xara is a Bengaluru based LGBTQIA community member who has been the prime example of his community members. He is Karnataka's first Drag Queen. Started her career in 2007 and was the top 5 Indian Super Queen, but the winner of the international super queen title, being the only Indian to ever win the title till date.

they Went to a drag school in Bangkok and studied Pageant drag. Adam is the only Indian Drag Queen to feature on the cover of cosmopolition magazine - Bangkok. He was the title winner of Super Indian Pageant Queen event, which turned into the most beautiful moment of life, held in 2009.

In 2010, they became the first ever Indian to be crowned as the winner of International Super Queen at an event in Thailand. The motto of this mission is to motivate people from LGBTQIA and transgender community around the globe as they face various discriminations in their society. It helps to upbrings the social rights and equality of the LGBTQIA community people.

Glorious Luna


The EXPERIMENTAL drag queen who likes to play around different personalities. She does it all – Fishy drag, Clown Drag, Gender fuck drag, Paegent drag.. Bringing peace and change to a world fucked by ignorance and patriarchy is my goal. My drag is super political and is presented to give out a certain message to the world, it’s Luna’s way of activism through Art

Hiten Noonwal


Hiten Noonwal is a free bird, who learned to fly when the world was busy trying to break its wings. They are a celebrated Genderfluid performance artist, Drag Queen, fashion designer and a model. Even with the most devastated homophobic experience at their school, they could manage to earn a Masters Degree in design from “National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad”. They use their own body as a medium to express themselves through performance art and photography. They have won many awards, including winning Comicon Cosplay but still they believe that the biggest achievement of their life is “accepting themselves” as the way they are.

Karma Sutra


The Bollywood Barbie of SoFlo is a 24 year old, Trinidadian raised drag performer who got their start in the local Drag scene three years ago after moving to West Palm Beach, FL where they met many talented local drag performers and joined non-profit, Queer Art collective “Haus of Quota” - whom all helped to inspire, support & mentor them to become the fierce entertainer & drag queen they are today!
“I’m constantly inspired by the art that envelops the world and find inspiration daily but my aesthetic is a fun and fashionable blend of Classic Hollywood & Bollywood Glamour with a sexy, spicy Indian flare!”

Mademoiselle AKA Miss Vutton


I'm sassy and I'm classy.. I'm witty.. Pretty and way too naughtie!!! I believe in my tiara cuz that's what makes me my own princess.. I am mademoiselle .

Miss Komolikafucks


a queen with dreams never ending ,born to change
steping outside the box every single day
my drag is trashy treasure
beauty with realness
glam go crazy
love with lust
I hope you get it

Rimi Heart

She/Her in drag, Don't have any particular preference out of drag

Rimi is the elusive chanteuse of the Indian Drag scene. Her drag persona is femme, colorful, womana with a lot of live singing and clapbacks. She's never been known to hold her tongue. She'd actually like you to mention that she uses it pretty well. Mug on point always, she's much more than just a makeup enthusiast. Her drag is modelled after songbirds supremes across the ages like Mariah, Celine, Etta, Nina. Her drag role models are Alaska, Jujubee and Alyssa.

Shabnam Be-wa-fa

He/Him x She/Her.

She is a dancing and looks queen who is more into high street fashion shoots. She has been doing drag for almost 3 years now.



Xen Aerat is an artist, creator, visualiser,
marketeer and curator of unique experiences.
With a decade
s experience in marketing
backing up 4 years of exploration in art,
fashion & drag, Xen is a connoiseur,
afficianado & artist of Drag and fluidity.
Adding her unique, creative touch to the event,
Xen hopes to bring Hyderabad together in the
elevation of this art form & its expression.


She in drag / he out of drag

Bahaar is not just any DRAGQUEEN, she is an entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast, a self-taught chef and an Instagram entertainer. After the success of her first company, in 2019 Bahaar started her clothing company “DESTELLO” which makes casual shirts for men.

Colonge Doll


Colonge is a drag performer from Hyderabad. She has been performing drag in multiple events within and across India.

Divine Scarlett


Coming out as gay, about Eight years ago was a beginning of a new life for Divya Roop. Accepting their true self brought them closer to their stronger side and while embarking on this journey of self-exploration, they found true love a month ago. they found solace in their drag queen avatar – Divine Scarlet.

They set a strong example when they came out and became a source of inspiration for many. Their life journey of finding themselves, confrontation with family, and turning a new page of their life in Mumbai was shared by Humans of Bombay, which touched many hearts.


He /Him

HH Dolly Divine


#hhdollydivine aka Kumar Iyer is one of the most celebrated drag performer.
He is just 49 years of age but forever Young!

Jiya Labeija

Her (in drag) Him (out of drag)

Desi queen with amazing Vogue skills. From the legendary house of La Beija of New York. Jiya Labeija always set to light the stage.



An International Gold Medalist In Folk Dance
Received More Than 400 International,National n State Awards N Prizes
Do Social Work Through Dancing
kirankoreofficial's profile picture

Maya ( also known as Mayamma) - the Drag Queen

She/Her in drag and He/Him out of drag

Maya / Mayamma believes in being very versatile. She can sing, dance and do comedy as well. She started in 2014 and has completed 6 years as a drag queen. Maya is a fierce, sensitive, caring Keralite woman who lives in Bangalore. She looks up to her own mother first and was inspired a lot by Mrs. Doubtfire and Kamal Hasan from Chaci 420 .


She in drag / he out of drag

I know you all heard of Beauty and the Beast but have you seen one in real life ? No right ! Then you should make time know me more . My Drag is conclusion for it. Beauty ,Makeup, character , Personalities, quirky, witty and Soul to the art is my passion.

SEVENTEEN - The clubkid


A very radical, creative and transgressive boy who loves to shake the mere establishment of normcore Fashion and loves to explore his Art fantasies and 80's ballroom culture by dragging and cosplaying his nights out.



SILK aka Sajiv Pasala is a Hyderabad Based Drag artists and theater performer. His drag represents Androgenity as well as Gender loss . He brings inspiration of his drag from the southindian performative Traditions such as Poturaju, Pulikali , Pagati Vesham.



A visual artist where art meets variety, Zeeshan Ali adheres to no boundaries. Ze is real yet whimsical. Zir work is a vibrant exploration of make-up, designing, styling, photography, modeling and live performance.Zeesh is the drag persona who is gender fluid and a shapeshifter who believes ze can be whoever ze wants to be. Ze’s performances have a cinematic, almost theatrical quality with a touch of old school spook.
From gracefully posing for the digital cover of Vogue India to shaking up the audience with a dramatic and theatrical lip sync performances. Zeesh’s performances is a cohesive blend of the past with abstract modern elements. It could be a 90s production conceptualised with innovative styling techniques, hand crafted costumes and accessories. The stage is where ze comes alive, the stage is home!